Since its founding on June 23, 2000, Kwangjeong Lee, Chonghwan Educational Foundation(KEF) has pursued its purpose of establishment to cultivate talented global who are able to advance the human race.

KEF was founded by Chonghwan Lee, Honorary President of Samyoung Chemical Group, with his initial endowment of 1 billion Korean won(87,000 US dollars) and is emerging as the largest educational foundation in Asia, with estimated value at 800 billion Korean won(700 million US dollars).

Each year KEF selects outstanding Korean students of a wide range of majors who have great potential to excel in their fields and provides scholarships generously for them. With high expectations to produce many eminent scientists including Nobel Prize winners, KEF supports students, especially in engineering as well as basic/applied science.

Based on belief that it is the most important for the better future to cultivate human resources, KEF never stops nurturing students who is and will be the world class contributing to the prosperity not only of Korea and but also of humankind.


To provide scholarships for excellent Korean students studying in Korea or abroad and enable them to concentrate on their studies and develop their full potential.

Overseas scholarship

- Each year KEF selects outstanding Korean students who have gained or are seeking admission to widely recognized

universities outside of Korea.

- Selected students receive scholarships for :

4 years for Bachelor’s Degree

2 years for Master’s Degree

4 years for Doctor’s Degree

- The amount of scholarship which is up to 55,000 dollars per year is various based on the students’ circumstances.

Domestic scholarship

- Each year KEF selects outstanding Korean undergraduate and graduate students in Domestic universities and provide

them with twenty two million won scholarship for 2 years.

To support educational institutions with the goal of making a better educational environment and improving the quality of education.

To support institutes conducting studies related to Korea and promote research about Korea.


The founder’s word is the philosophy of KEF.

Money cannot advance a nation. So cannot a business, nor an institution. Individuals can advance a nation.

Kwanjeong Educational Foundation, 12, Hyewha-ro 5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul 03068, Korea

TEL:+82-2-753-6292 l FAX:+82-2-753-6293 l E-mail:scholar001@ikef.or.kr