Message from the Founder

The Leaders of Tomorrow

Students who will lead the world of tomorrow,
bear in mind that the key momentum that defines our future is knowledge.

Those who know the most advanced in greater depth and quantity than others will have the advantage in the future.
Thus, we need to find that knowledge and gain deeper understanding of it than others. It will not be an easy task. To assist your journey, I have established the Kwanjeong Educational Foundation, to do the best we can do to help you.

The Kwanjeong Educational Foundation takes pride as being the largest scholarship in Korea, consisting of its total property of 500 billion won and awarding 15 billion won scholarship funds per year. Every year, 150 undergraduate and graduate students of prestigious Korean univerisites, along with 100 scholars studying abroad are additionally added on the list of students who receive the best scholarship funding possible. Along side with awarding scholarship, education for the gifted young minds and public welfare activities will also be supported.

My dear students!
Have a dream to accomplish the impossible, to lead the world of tomorrow.
Do not fear to take challenges, to take the next step.
We, the Kwanjeong Educational Foundation, will put our full support to help you realize your dream.

Kwanjeong Educational Foundation, 12, Hyewha-ro 5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul 03068, Korea

TEL:+82-2-753-6292 l FAX:+82-2-753-6293 l